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Christy Awards

Established in 1999 to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture.

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The Christy Awards



WINNER:  A New Song by Jan Karon


  • By the Light of a Thousand Stars by Jamie Langston Turner

  • Romey's Place by James Calvin Schaap


  • Home to Harmony by Philip Gulley

  • The Trial by Robert Whitlow



  • The Book of Hours by T. Davis Bunn

  • Bookends by Liz Curtis Higgs

WINNER:  A Garden to Keep by Jamie Langston Turner


  • Ain't No River by Sharon Ewell Foster

  • Carley's Song by Patricia Sprinkle

WINNER:  All the Way Home by Ann Tatlock


  • Not a Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols

  • Women's Intuition by Lisa Samson

WINNER:  Songbird by Lisa Samson


  • Finding Alice by Melody Carlson

  • The Living End by Lisa Samson

WINNER:  Bad Ground by W. Dale Cramer


  • No Dark Valley by Jamie Langston Turner

  • Tiger Lillie by Lisa Samson

WINNER:  Levi's Will by W. Dale Cramer


  • Grace at Low Tide by Beth Webb Hart

  • Wrapped in Rain by Charles Martin

WINNER:  Winter Birds by Jamie Langston Turner


  • Dwelling Places by Vinita Hampton Wright

  • Straight Up by Lisa Samson

WINNER:  Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin


  • In High Places by Tom Morrisey

  • Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson

WINNER:  Dogwood by Chris Fabry


  • Embrace Me by Lisa Samson

  • Tuesday Night at the Blue Moon by Debbie Fuller Thomas


WINNER:  The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson


  • June Bug by Chris Fabry

  • Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle

WINNER:  Almost Heaven by Chris Fabry


  • Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

  • A Season of Miracles by Rusty Whitener

WINNER:  Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock


  • Dry as Rain by Gina Holmes

  • Words by Ginny Yttrup

WINNER:  Not in the Heart by Chris Fabry


  • The Air We Breathe by Parrish, Christa

  • Borders of the Heart by Chris Fabry

WINNER:  Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish


  • Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry

  • The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

WINNER:  The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate


  • Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord

  • Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good by Jan Karon

WINNER:  The Sea Keeper's Daughters by Lisa Wingate


  • The Art of Losing Yourself by Katie Ganshert

  • As Waters Gone By by Cynthia Ruchti