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Christy Awards

Established in 1999 to acknowledge the value and impact of the novel of faith in contemporary culture.

The Christy Awards

Historical Fiction


WINNER:  Fire by Night by Lynn Austin


  • Beyond the Sacred Page by Jack Cavanaugh

  • First Light by Bodie and Brock Thoene

WINNER:  King's Ransom by Jan Beazely / Thom Lemmons


  • Retribution by Randall Ingermanson

  • Third Watch by Bodie & Brock Thoene

WINNER:  Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs


  • Glimpses of Paradise by James Scott Bell

  • The Noble Fugitive by T. Davis Bunn & Isabella Bunn

WINNER:  Madman by Tracy Groot


  • Glastonbury Tor by LeAnne Hardy

  • Grace in Thine Eyes by Liz Curtis Higgs

  • Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang Kregel

WINNER:  A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin


  • Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen

  • Tendering in the Storm by Jane Kirkpatrick

WINNER:  Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin


  • Shadow of Colossus by T. L. Higley

  • Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser


WINNER:  Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin


  • A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick

  • The Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer & Mike Yorkey

WINNER:  While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin


  • Chosen : the Lost Diaries of Queen Esther by Ginger Garrett

  • For Time & Eternity by Allison PIttman

WINNER:  Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin


  • Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman

  • Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs

WINNER:  Flame of Resistance by Tracy Groot


  • Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green

  • A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs

WINNER:  Burning Sky by Lori Benton


  • All for a Story by Allison Pittman

  • Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock

WINNER:  The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot


  • The Advocate by Randy SInger

  • The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk

WINNER:  Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke


  • The Girl from the Train by Irma Joubert

  • The Wood's Edge by Lori Benton

WINNER:  The Mark of the King by Jocelyn Green


  • Like a River from Its Course by Kelli Stuart

  • Miriam by Mesu Andrews

WINNER:  Isaiah's Daughter by Mesu Andrews


  • Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson

  • Many Sparrows by Lori Benton

WINNER:  Shelter of the Most High by Connilyn Cossette


  • A Rumored Fortune by Joanna Davidson Politano

  • Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews

  • The Seamstress by Allison Pittman


WINNER:  The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke


  • The Bright Unknown by Elizabeth Byler Younts

  • Memories of Glass by Melanie Dobson

  • My Dearest Dietrich by Amanda Barratt

WINNER:  The White Rose Resists : a Novel of the German Students Who Defied Hitler by Amanda Barratt


  • Like Flames in the Night by Connilyn Cossette

  • Under the Tulip Tree by Michelle Shocklee