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Award Books Available Through Unger Memorial Library

Contains lists of books that have won awards or have been acknowledged for honors within awards. This includes both children's, young adult, and adult books. The lists include all formats found within Unger Memorial Library, including e-books and audiob

Award Books Available Through Unger Memorial Library

Award Listings by Age Level

Some of the awards listed are specifically designed for certain age levels (such as the Caldecott or Newbery awards).  Some awards you will see across several age levels because they include categories for young adult and/or juvenile works.  These awards would include the National Book Awards and the Edgar Awards, among others.

Pick the appropriate age group tab above to see a list of awards.

Genre-Specific Awards

Although many of the awards listed have books that cross genres, some awards are genre-specifc.  Below you will find a list of those genres and awards that are given.  This list is by no ways complete, so keep coming back to see if your favorite genres are added.

Although many of the awards are multi-generational, not all have a separate award for children's or young adult titles (or in some cases, an adult equivalent).  If a prize is specifically for a younger person that award will be designated by the dagger (†) at the end of the title.

Awards may include non-fiction as well as fiction.  Check for categories within each award guide.  General Awards that may have non-fiction guides are not included in these lists (i.e., National Book Awards or the Pulitzer Prizes)

Awards given to individual authors for their body of work.  Includes both children's, teens, and adult authors. 

Children's Literature Legacy Awards (formerly Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal)

Margaret A. Edwards Award

Nobel Prize for Literature

Christian  Book Awards

Christy Awards