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Policies @ Unger Memorial Library: Home

Read the official policies of Unger Memorial Library.


The Unger Memorial Library is the informational, educational, recreational, and social center of Plainview and of surrounding Hale County.  Our mission is to create infinite opportunities for the community to connect, share, succeed, and thrive.  In achieving these goals the Unger Memorial Library will ensure access for all users who need information while implementing appropriate standards to provide for the preservation of library collections.  The policies laid out here state the rules and regulations related to our users, collections, and services.

Information on the circulation of library materials and those materials that must only be used in the library.  Last revised and approved by the Library Board on October 11, 2016.

Rules and regulations pertaining to borrower's cards at the Unger Memorial Library, including how to obtain one, responsibilities for materials, etc.  Last revised October 11, 2016.

Policy on overdue library materials, lost library materials, damaged library materials, lost library cards, and other fines and charges related to loss and damage.  Last revised and approved on October 11, 2016.

The Unger Memorial Library is a house of information.  Area residents learn from the materials house within and can extend that learning from library materials outside the building by borrowing many of our materials.  The Library strives to maintain a traditional environment, one which is relatively quiet, safe, civil, and law-abiding.  This policy outlines rules and regulations for patron rights, staff rights, the security system, disruptive behavior, rules of conduct, unattended children, and disruptive children.  Approved OCtober 11, 2016.

Unger Memorial Library is both a borrowing and lending institution.  Interlibrary Loan borrowing services obtains materials for patrons which are not available in our collections.  Interlibrary Loan lending provides access to the material holdings of of the Unger Memorial Library to other libraries in the United States.  The Library will loan both juvenile and adult fiction or nonfiction books but will normally not loan DVDs, CDs, reference, or genealogy materials.

Funded primarily by the City of Plainview, the Unger Memorial Library serves as the information center for our community.  As the public library serviing Plainview, Hale County, and the surrounding area.  Last revised and approved on October 11, 2016.

Information on the use of computers in the Unger Memorial Library, including both public computers provided in the library as well as personal electronic deviced which connect to the Library's free WiFi services.  Please note that the rules and regulations within this policy support the City of Plainview computer use policies which must conform to government regulations put forth by various agencies, including the United States Department of Homeland Security.  This policy was last revised and updated on February 13, 2018.

In addition to the use of Microsoft Office and other reference programs, the fourteen computes in the Unger Library's reference section (plus one 15-minute-only computer) are also available for public Internet access and, if desired, printing out specific pages.  The policies outlined here how to sign up to use the Internet as well as precautions, misuse of the Internet and its consequences, costs of printing, and more.  You are encouraged to read this policy thoroughly so you understand all the rules and regulations herein.  Last revised and approved on October 11, 2016.

Unger Memorial LIbrary includes a meeting room available for use by residents of Plainview and Hale County.  This document lists restrictions as well as how to request the meeting room.  Last revised and approved on October 11, 2016.

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