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New Books Added to the Unger Memorial Library Collections

Listing of new books in Unger Memorial Library - arranged by reader types.

New Books


This guide includes listings of new books acquired in the last 3-4 months.  Books are listed by month added, and are further divided by fiction, nonfiction, etc.

In the listings, you may also see books that have colored stars on the title line.  That indicates an award book.  A red star denotes a winner, a green star a finalist/shortlist title, a yellow star indicates a longlist title, and a purple star denotes a title selected for a reading list, such as the TAYSHAS Reading List for teens or the Lariat Reading List for adult fiction.  To see award books and those lists please go back to the home page and click on the award books link.

You may also see books that have colored circles on the title line.  That indicates books that are considered core for various age-group collections.  You may mouse over the circle to see the particular title.

Lastly, books with the subject of Texas or written by identified Texas authors will be indicated by a with a small black Texas icon.  Books recommended for the Summer Reading programs will have a stylized sun in yellow. 

You may hover over any of the icons to see what they stand for.