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Sydney Taylor Book Award

Recognizes the best in Jewish children's literature. Medals are awarded annually for outstanding books that authentically portray the Jewish experience. The award was established in 1968 by the Association of Jewish Libraries and is named in memory of


Gold Medalists (Winners)

Gathering Sparks by Howard Schwartz ; illustrations by Kristina Swarner

Hereville : How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch

The Things a Brother Knows by Dana Reinhardt

Silver Medalists (Honor Books)

  • Modeh Ani : a good morning book by Sarah Gershman ; illustrations by Kristina Swarner

  • Emma's Poem : the voice of the Statue of Liberty by Linda Glaser ; illustrations by Claire Nivola

  • Cakes and Miracles : a Purim tale by Barbara Diamond Goldin ; illustrations by Jaime Zollars

  • Resistance by Carla Jablaonski ; illustrations by Leland Purvis

  • One Is Not a Lonely Number by Evelyn Krieger

  • Black Radishes by Susan Lynn Meyer

  • Hush by Eishes Chayil

  • Once by Morris Gleitzman

  • Life, After by Sarah Darer Littman

Bronze Medalists (Notable Books)

  • Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express by Deborah Bodin Cohen ; illutsrations by Shahar Kober
  • Feivel's Flying Horses by Heidi Smith Hyde ; illustarations by Johanna van der Sterre
  • Miriam in the Desert by Jacqueline Jules ; illustrations by Natascia Ugliano
  • The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah by Leslie Kimmelman ; illustrations by Paul Meisel
  • Say Hello, Lily by Deborah Lakritz ; illustrations by Martha Avilés
  • Beautiful Yetta, the Yiddish Chicken by Daniel Pinkwater ; illustrations by Jill Pinkwater
  • A Tale of Two Seders by Mindy Avra Portnoy ; illustrations by Valeria Cis
  • Jackie's Gift by Sharon Robinson ; illustrations by E. B. Lewis
  • Zishe the Strong Man by Robert Rubenstine ; illustrations by Woody Miller
  • Sara Finds a Mitzva by Rebeka Simhaee ; illustrations by Michael Weber
  • Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to be Kosher by Laurel Snyder ; illustrations by David Goldin