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Summer Reading 2022 : Oceans of Possibilities

Age Groups

Please note that although we do have a section for Preschool we will not be doing any specific programming for that age group.  If you think your child can understand you might want them to watch some of the Early Reader programmings, but no supplies or handouts will be available.  Our main focus is on independent readers.

The age groups for grades K-12 are based on the grade just finished, not their upcoming grade.

Those who have finished grade 3 may opt to join either Early Readers or Middle Readers.  Those who have finished grade 6 may opt to either join Middle Readers or Middle School Readers.  Choose the group based on your child's interests and reading levels.

Group Age
Preschoolers This would be any child who has not yet entered Kindergarten and cannot read independently.
Early Readers Covers grades K-3.  Those who have completed grade 3 may opt to choose the Middle Reader group.  Consider your child's reading level as well as their interests.
Middle Readers Covers grades 3-6.  Those who have completed grade 6 may opt to choose the Middle School group.  Consider reading abilities as well as interests.
Middle School Covers grades 6-8.
High School Covers grades 9-12
Adult Anyone who is 18 or older.