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The Selfies Book Awards U.S

Award begun in 2020 that honors the best in self-publishing.

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The Selfies
Book Awards U.S.

Children's Books



How to Fold a Taco by Naibe Reynoso; illustrated by Ana Varela


  • Steadfast : Frances Perkins, Champioon of Workers' Rights by Jennifer J. Merz

  • The Amazing Adventures of Aya & Pete in New York by Serena Minott and Asha Gore; illustrated by Caroline Buzio

  • The Big Adventures of Little Tree by Jadja Springer; illustrated by Tilia Rand-Bell

  • The Rumble Hunters by Courtney Dunlap

  • The Lost Coven by Bekah Harris

  • The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island by Scott Semegran


Amanda, Toy Engineer by Aubre Andus